Through Baptism God gives new life and makes the person his very own child and a member of his family forever. Lutherans Baptise babies as well as children and adults. We follow this practice since the Triune God promises to come to people through baptism with his love, forgiveness and acceptance, no matter their age.

God the Holy Spirit is at work in Baptism. The Holy Spirit brings baptised people the blessings Jesus gained for us through his death on the cross,

“forgiveness of sins, freedom from death and the devil, and life with God forever’.

  • Baptism can be arranged in our church as part of our regular Saturday night or Sunday morning services.
  • We also offer emergency Baptisms.
  • Back to Baptism is a special program with the aim to keep in touch with families of Baptised Children and a special invitation and service is held to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Baptism.

Please contact the church office on 49 573621. Email: